Experience. Performance. Dedication.

Company Giro, founded in 2003, was developed over a decade of activity in the execution of electrical installations, photovoltaic and low current and execution of metallic and is now a representative relevance of the market in western Romania.

Our customers trust our activity is based on the professionalism and dedication Giro team, and not least the performance of our quality management system. From the official point of view, our company is recommended certifications you hold: type certificate SR EN ISO and type certificates and C2A Be issued by ANRE (National Association for Energy Regulation).

Relevant are concrete data that define the activity Giro declared its policy to maintain quality and continuous improvement processes. The products and services we provide are always compliant with the technical and legal, and the demands and needs of our customers. Thus we can ensure acceding to a higher standard of functionality and efficiency, avoiding any unpleasant situation that may occur after the problems caused by possible deviations from technical standards in force.

Resources we allocate is quality control policy implementation and the guarantee that company's ability is to systematize the offer of products and services available, comparing them to official regulations.

Relationship with customers, employees and suppliers, maintain a flexible attitude and focused on meeting the needs of both parties. We believe that transparency and seriousness of our commitment where each contract is reflected in the success of our projects. Long term, we aim to continuous improvement and operational efficiency of our services both within the company and in relation to customers.

We rely staff consists entirely of qualified people with high levels of training and experience: engineers, economists, electricians, locksmiths. Regardless of their function and profession, team members are guided toward perfecting their technique, by allocating resources to specific qualifications and training courses.

In addition, Giro offers employees the necessary support and professional progress, ensuring adequate infrastructure and working environment products achieve high standards and an optimum degree of communication and motivation within the company.