Photovoltaic Instalations

Based renewable energy systems are in continuous development, providing viable alternatives to traditional energy sources. At present, our company realizes photovoltaic installations of network standards and allocate resources for the extension of the action in the photovoltaic field.

Photovoltaic installations run on sunlight, which is converted by the solar panels into electricity.

The amount of electricity produced depends on a number of factors - season, geographic location, weather conditions, orientation panels, etc. Solar panels can optionally be oriented in the ideal position using tracker-s

solar panels front

There are a variety of models of photovoltaic panels on the market, with sizes and different powers. The electricity produced can be used for own consumption or for injecting into the network. Parameterization is done through the inverters MPPT technology - Maximum Power Point Tracking. If consumption, energy storage batteries produced with capacities required.

Currently, the efficiency of a photovoltaic panel is somewhere between 5 and 15%, meaning that only 5-15% of solar energy is transformed into electricity.

Network configuration is done strictly according to the area allocated by the beneficiary and the desired power panels. There is the possibility of assembly systems on the ground, on the terraces or in place of roofing.

At the moment our company develop lighting (street, ornamental and enclosure) and pumping (submersible pump or pump), all powered by photovoltaic panels.